Little Puppy Paws completing families one puppy at a time. 



Little Puppy Paws is a safe platform for potential puppy parents looking for small-breed puppies in the United States. Our goal is to be able to provide only the healthiest puppies to your home. This is more than just a business. We are completely passionate about dogs. We make sure each pup is placed in the best forever home.

We work with partner breeders and all of our puppies only come from licensed and verified breeders. We do not associate with puppy mills and the like. We strongly support ethical breeding practices and advocate for proper genetic testing.

We are proudly a family-owned business with high standards in the dog breeding industry. We believe that you and our puppies only deserve the best.



Find healthy and happy small-breed puppies weighing 10 lbs and under.


One-stop shop for your puppy needs. Everything a first-time puppy parent would need.


We deliver puppies through ground transport and flight nanny services.

Take home a puppy today!

We're looking for only the best homes for our Little Puppies. Check out what breeds we have available and give us a call if you need more information.