Shih Poo


Shihpoos, also known as Shih-Poos or Shihdoodles, are a popular crossbreed dog resulting from the intentional breeding of a Shih Tzu and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. They are often described as small-sized dogs with a charming and endearing appearance. In terms of their physical attributes, Shihpoos can vary in size depending on the size of their Poodle parent. Generally, they are considered small dogs, weighing between 8 to 18 pounds (3.6 to 8.2 kilograms) and standing around 8 to 15 inches (20 to 38 centimeters) tall at the shoulder. Their body structure is typically compact and sturdy. Shihpoos inherit traits from both parent breeds, resulting in a wide range of coat types and colors. Their coat is often soft, fluffy, and can be curly or wavy. The coat colors can vary greatly, including combinations of white, black, brown, cream, or a mix of these colors. While their coats can be long and flowing like the Shih Tzu, they can also be shorter and more curly like the Poodle

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