How to Groom Your Yorkshire Terrier and Maintain Their Gorgeous Coat

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How to Groom Your Yorkshire Terrier and Maintain Their Gorgeous Coat
By LITTLE PUPPY PAWS | October 22, 2023
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The Yorkshire Terrier, affectionately known as Yorkies, are one of the most popular small dog breeds in the world. With their charming personalities and luxurious coats, it’s no wonder that many people are drawn to these adorable little dogs. However, to keep your Yorkie looking their best and feeling comfortable, regular grooming is essential.

To groom your Yorkshire Terrier, start by brushing their silky coat regularly to prevent mats and tangles. Bathe them every 3-4 weeks using a dog-specific shampoo and conditioner, ensuring a thorough rinse and gentle drying. Trim their nails every 2-4 weeks, clean their ears and eyes daily, and maintain dental hygiene with regular brushing. For a signature long coat or customized styles, consult a professional groomer. Be gentle and consistent in your grooming routine, fostering a healthy and beautiful bond with your Yorkie.


Understanding the Yorkshire Terrier Coat

Before we delve into the grooming process, it’s essential to understand the unique characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier’s coat. Yorkies have a fine, silky, and straight double coat that consists of two layers:

  • Top Coat: The top coat is long, silky, and falls straight down from the spine. It’s what gives Yorkies their signature elegant appearance.
  • Undercoat: The undercoat is shorter and denser, providing insulation and protection for the dog.

The Yorkie’s coat color is typically a combination of blue and tan, with the blue (dark gray) color covering most of the body and the tan appearing on the head, ears, chest, and legs.


What Grooming Tools You’ll Need for Your Yorkshire Terrier

To groom your Yorkshire Terrier effectively, you’ll need the right tools. Here’s a list of essential grooming equipment:

  • Pin Brush: A pin brush with long, soft bristles is ideal for detangling and removing loose hair.
  • Slicker Brush: A slicker brush helps remove mats and tangles in the coat.
  • Steel Comb: A fine-toothed steel comb is useful for getting rid of any remaining tangles and ensuring a smooth, shiny coat.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner: Invest in high-quality dog shampoo and conditioner designed for Yorkies.
  • Towels and Hair Dryer: Soft towels and a hair dryer with a cool setting will be needed for drying your Yorkie after a bath.
  • Nail Clippers: Small, sharp nail clippers for trimming your Yorkie’s nails.
  • Ear Cleaner: A gentle ear cleaner to maintain ear hygiene.
  • Grooming Table: While not mandatory, a grooming table can make the process more comfortable for both you and your dog.

The Grooming Process

Grooming your Yorkshire Terrier involves several steps. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each:

Brushing Your Yorkshire Terrier

Regular brushing is crucial to keep your Yorkie’s coat in top condition and prevent mats and tangles. Follow these steps:

  • Start with a pin brush and gently brush the entire coat, paying extra attention to the chest, legs, and belly.
  • Use a slicker brush to remove any mats or tangles. Be gentle to avoid hurting your dog.
  • Finish with a steel comb to ensure there are no remaining tangles or knots.

Brushing should be done at least a few times a week to maintain the coat’s luster and prevent matting.

Bathing Your Yorkshire Terrier

Bathing your Yorkie is essential to keep their coat clean and odor-free. Follow these steps for a successful bath:

  • Use lukewarm water and thoroughly wet your Yorkie’s coat.
  • Apply a quality dog shampoo designed for Yorkies and lather it gently, avoiding the eyes and ears.
  • Rinse the shampoo thoroughly, making sure there’s no residue left.
  • Apply conditioner, focusing on the ends of the hair, and leave it on for a few minutes.
  • Rinse again until the water runs clear.
  • Gently towel dry your Yorkie, and then use a hair dryer on a cool setting to finish drying. Be cautious not to use high heat, as it can damage the coat.

Bathing frequency varies depending on your dog’s lifestyle and activity level. Generally, a bath every 3-4 weeks is sufficient.


Yorkshire Terriers often sport a signature long coat, but not all owners choose to maintain this look. If you prefer a shorter coat for your Yorkie, consider regular haircuts. A professional groomer can help you achieve the desired length and style.

Nail Trimming Your Yorkshire Terrier

Regular nail trimming is essential to prevent discomfort and potential health issues. Trim your Yorkie’s nails every 2-4 weeks, depending on their growth rate. Be cautious not to cut too close to the quick, which can cause bleeding and pain.

Ear Cleaning

Yorkies are prone to ear infections due to their floppy ears and long hair. Clean their ears regularly using a gentle ear cleaner and cotton balls. Be careful not to insert anything deep into the ear canal.

Yorkshire Terrier Dental Care

Dental hygiene is often overlooked but crucial for your Yorkie’s overall health. Brush their teeth with a dog-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste at least a few times a week. Dental chews and toys can also help maintain oral health.

Yorkshire Terrier Eye Care

Yorkies are prone to tear staining, which can leave unsightly marks on their faces. Wipe their eyes daily with a damp cloth to prevent staining, and consult a veterinarian if the issue persists.

Tips for Successful Grooming

  • Start Early: Introduce grooming to your Yorkie when they are a puppy. This helps them become accustomed to the process and reduces anxiety.
  • Be Gentle: Yorkies have delicate skin and hair, so always be gentle when grooming to avoid causing discomfort or injury.
  • Use the Right Products: Invest in high-quality grooming products specifically designed for Yorkies to ensure the best results.
  • Regular Maintenance: Consistency is key to maintaining a gorgeous coat. Stick to a regular grooming schedule.
  • Professional Help: Consider seeking the assistance of a professional groomer, especially for complex haircuts and styling.
  • Healthy Diet: A nutritious diet can contribute to a shiny, healthy coat. Consult your veterinarian for dietary recommendations.
  • Regular Vet Checkups: Ensure your Yorkie has regular veterinary checkups to address any underlying health issues that may affect their coat.


How Often Should You Groom Your Yorkshire Terrier?

The grooming frequency for your Yorkshire Terrier can vary depending on their specific needs and lifestyle. Keep in mind that individual Yorkies may have unique grooming needs, so it’s essential to adapt the grooming schedule based on your dog’s coat condition and activity level. Additionally, starting grooming routines early in your Yorkie’s life can help them become more comfortable with the process. If you’re unsure about the right grooming schedule for your specific Yorkie, consult with a professional groomer or your veterinarian for personalized guidance.


Grooming your Yorkshire Terrier is not just about keeping them looking beautiful; it’s also essential for their overall health and comfort. With the right tools, techniques, and a little patience, you can maintain your Yorkie’s gorgeous coat and enjoy many happy moments with your furry friend. Remember that grooming is also an excellent opportunity for bonding and showing your Yorkie how much you care for them. So, take your time, be gentle, and enjoy the grooming process with your beloved Yorkshire Terrier.