How Can Dogs Help You Sleep Better?

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How Can Dogs Help You Sleep Better
By LITTLE PUPPY PAWS | February 27, 2023
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There are several studies that prove that co-sleeping with your dog has a lot of benefits. There are both physical and mental advantages. But how can sleeping with your dog improve your overall health?

Despite years of controversy, numerous studies have found that sleeping with your pet can benefit you. Co-sleeping with a dog can be a safe and comfortable experience thanks to their warm bodies, steady heartbeats, and protective nature.

Sleeping with Your Pet Helps with Depression

In a recent study, researchers investigated the effects of human depressive symptoms on activities involving animals. They discovered that people who used dogs in therapeutic or recreational activities reported fewer depressive symptoms.

Imagine what sleeping next to a dog could do for depression if interacting with one can help! Their presence enhances our ability to unwind and produce more oxytocin, the love chemical. Thus, your dog effectively becomes a living antidepressant.

This Also Promotes Theta Brainwaves

Adding to the fact that oxytocin flow is increased when sleeping with dogs, this has a significant effect on how deeply we sleep. Theta brainwaves, known to take place during the REM stage of sleep, are promoted by sleeping with your dog and the chemicals that go along with the experience.

According to studies, dogs’ heartbeats coincide when they are near their owners. This is additional evidence of the calming effects of a dog’s presence on a person’s brain. So the next time you sleep next to your dog, visualize your hearts beating together as you both get the deepest, most restorative sleep.

Increases Your Sense of Security

Some people choose a pet, especially a dog, as a form of defense. The presence of a dog may improve security by reducing property crime. Additionally, the company of a dog can make one feel safe. For instance, American women who slept with dogs said they felt more secure and comforted in the study.

Co-Sleeping with Your Pet Will Lessen the Likelihood of Insomnia

The inability to fall asleep at night is one of the worst things that can happen. The good news for those who experience anxiety-related insomnia, having a dog in bed can be beneficial.

According to studies, keeping a dog by the bed can reduce anxiety, hypervigilance, and arousal. All of this improves mood and sleep environment, which can help with insomnia.

You Will Feel Maximum Comfort

When a person with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has a nightmare, service dogs can provide comfort and security. Service dogs for PTSD are trained to recognize physical indications that a person is experiencing a nightmare so they can wake up the person and stop the nightmare. In a study of veterans using service dogs for PTSD, 57% said their dog had helped them deal with their nightmare issues.

Sleeping with Your Dog Decreases the Feelings of Loneliness

The loneliness of sleeping alone can exacerbate depressive and uncomfortable feelings, particularly for those who live alone. What more effective treatment for loneliness than a living bed warmer?

Recent studies show that many people, especially those who are single, find the presence of a pet to help them fall asleep, even though some people prefer to sprawl out alone. Co-sleeping with your dog is an excellent idea because it can offer you comfort, security, and relaxation.

Improves Quality of Sleep

Your sleep efficiency score measures the amount of time you spend sleeping in bed. According to a recent study, people who slept with a dog in their bedroom maintained better routines and could sleep more soundly.

Participants wore a sleep tracker for seven nights along with their dogs. They discovered that while dogs sleep more soundly than humans, humans only managed to sleep 81 percent of the time. For comparison, a score of 100 indicates ideal sleep efficiency. Try sleeping with your dog if you’re feeling tired in the morning.

Co-Sleeping with Your Pet Helps Reduce Stress

Are you familiar with The Pet Effect? When your pet is present, a phenomenon occurs that causes stress and anxiety to decrease. 74% of pet owners claim that owning a pet has improved their mental health.

Oxytocin, the hormone that lowers stress and improves mood, is released when you cuddle with your pet, as we previously mentioned. As a result, you’ll sleep better at night. It can also help lower your heart rate and the stress hormone cortisol.

This Helps Decreases Blood Pressure

In terms of the physiological effects of contact with dogs on people, one study discovered that petting or touching a dog resulted in lower blood pressure readings.

The therapeutic effects of being near a dog likely continue as you sleep. With your favorite animal by your side, what better way to unwind, unwind, and eventually fall asleep?

Strengthens Bond

The phrase “three dog night” refers to an Alaskan native American custom in which people would sleep next to their dogs to keep each other warm. The dogs would sleep in the humans’ beds on chilly nights and join them around the campfire. More dogs were required to stay warm as the night grew colder.

This undoubtedly contributed to developing the early human-canine bond, and some veterinarians still believe it can aid socialization. In addition to many people claiming that dogs are easier to train when they sleep close to their owners, sleeping together lets the dog know they are a member of your pack.

Promotes Heart Health

A healthy heart is unquestionably important because cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. A study from the American Heart Association discovered a connection between pet ownership and a healthy heart, which is good news for pet owners.

Despite having similar body mass indexes and socioeconomic profiles to pet owners, having a pet has been shown to reduce systemic hypertension in those people. Your dogs will undoubtedly encourage you to exercise more, but they may also have a calming effect and affect your blood pressure.

Reduces Allergies

The claim that dogs may introduce allergens into the bedroom is one of many arguments against sleeping with your dog. However, one study discovered that babies who slept with their pets were less likely to grow up with allergies.

It seems advantageous to be exposed to dog allergens at a young age! This is undoubtedly a factor to consider when deciding whether to allow your dog to sleep in your child’s bedroom, even though it may not always be the case.

Better Overall Health

There are many advantages to having pets in the home, including reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels, fewer feelings of loneliness, and more opportunities for activities and socialization. These advantages, though, don’t end at bedtime.

According to one study, 41% of pet owners thought sleeping with their animals was beneficial and unobtrusive. Having your dog nearby can improve overall health, whether during the day or while you sleep.