Choosing the Perfect Havanese Puppy: Tips and Considerations

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Choosing the Perfect Havanese Puppy_ Tips and Considerations
By LITTLE PUPPY PAWS | October 16, 2023
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Bringing a puppy into your life is a momentous decision. One of the most beloved and sought-after breeds, the Havanese, offers an endearing combination of charm, intelligence, and affection. However, finding the perfect Havanese puppy requires careful consideration and research.

Choosing the perfect Havanese puppy involves thorough research, visiting reputable breeders, and assessing the puppy’s health, temperament, and living conditions. Look for a puppy that is playful, well-socialized, and interacts positively with littermates. Ensure the breeder conducts health tests on the parent dogs and provides you with comprehensive information on puppy care and support. Be prepared for the long-term commitment of providing love, attention, grooming, training, and healthcare to ensure your Havanese puppy thrives in your loving home.


Understanding the Havanese Breed

Before diving into the process of selecting a Havanese puppy, it’s essential to understand the breed’s characteristics and history. The Havanese is a small, lively, and adaptable toy breed known for its affectionate nature and beautiful, silky coat. Here’s a brief overview:

The History and Origins of the Havanese

The Havanese breed traces its roots to Cuba, where it was a favored companion of the Cuban aristocracy in the 18th century. These dogs were cherished for their charming personalities and striking appearance. In the 19th century, they made their way to Europe, where they gained popularity. Today, the Havanese is known for its friendly disposition and exceptional adaptability.


Havanese dogs typically weigh between 7 to 13 pounds and stand at 8.5 to 11.5 inches tall at the shoulder. They have a unique double coat composed of a soft undercoat and a long, silky outer coat. Their coat comes in various colors and patterns, adding to their appeal.

Personality and Temperament

Havanese dogs are renowned for their friendly, playful, and sociable nature. They thrive on human companionship and are excellent family pets. Their intelligence and trainability make them a joy to have in your home.


Finding the Perfect Havanese Breeder

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Havanese breed let’s delve into the essential tips and considerations for choosing the perfect Havanese puppy.

Research and Locate Reputable Havanese Breeders

The first and most crucial step in finding the perfect Havanese puppy is to locate a reputable breeder. A responsible breeder will ensure the health, temperament, and overall well-being of their puppies. 

Check Havanese Breed Clubs and Associations

Start by looking for Havanese breed clubs or associations in your area or online. These organizations often maintain lists of reputable breeders who adhere to high ethical standards.

Ask for Recommendations

Seek recommendations from Havanese owners, veterinarians, and dog trainers in your community. Personal referrals can be a valuable resource for finding trustworthy breeders.

Visit Havanese Breeders in Person

Once you’ve identified potential breeders, schedule visits to their facilities. A reputable breeder will be open to letting you see their breeding environment, meet the parent dogs, and ask questions.

Research Online Reviews

Search online for reviews and testimonials about the breeder you are considering. This can provide insight into the experiences of other puppy buyers.

Check Health Screening

Responsible breeders prioritize the health of their puppies. They should conduct health screenings on the parent dogs for common genetic issues that affect the breed, such as hip dysplasia and heart conditions.

Assess the Puppy’s Environment

When visiting the breeder’s facility, pay close attention to the environment in which the puppies are raised. A clean, safe, and socialized environment is crucial for the development of well-adjusted puppies. Look for the following signs:


The breeder’s facility should be clean and well-maintained. Puppies and adult dogs should have access to fresh water and clean living spaces.


Puppies should be exposed to different people, sounds, and environments from an early age. This helps them develop into confident and well-adjusted adults.

Vaccinations and Deworming

Ask the breeder about the puppy’s vaccination and deworming schedule. A reputable breeder ensures that puppies receive appropriate veterinary care.


What is the Importance of Health and Genetic Testing?

Health testing is a critical factor when choosing a Havanese puppy. This involves screening the parent dogs for hereditary conditions that can affect the breed’s health. A responsible breeder will provide you with documentation of health tests for the parents.

  • Identifying and Preventing Hereditary Diseases: Havanese, like all breeds, are susceptible to certain hereditary health issues. Genetic testing can help identify the presence of specific genetic mutations associated with conditions like hip dysplasia, cataracts, heart problems, and patellar luxation. By identifying these issues early, responsible breeders can make informed decisions about breeding pairs and reduce the risk of passing on genetic diseases to puppies.
  • Ensuring the Health of the Breed: Health testing contributes to the overall well-being and longevity of the Havanese breed. By selectively breeding dogs with clear genetic test results, breeders can work towards eliminating or reducing the incidence of hereditary diseases within the breed population. This helps maintain the health and vitality of the breed over time.
  • Peace of Mind for Puppy Buyers: When purchasing a Havanese puppy from a reputable breeder who conducts health and genetic testing, you can have confidence that the puppy is less likely to develop genetic health problems. This provides peace of mind for puppy buyers and reduces the potential emotional and financial burden associated with treating such conditions.
  • Responsible Breeding Practices: Ethical breeders prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs and the breed as a whole. Health testing is a hallmark of responsible breeding practices, demonstrating a commitment to producing healthy, happy puppies and improving the breed’s overall health.
  • Educating Puppy Buyers: Health testing also serves an educational purpose. Reputable breeders can share information about the importance of health testing with prospective puppy buyers, helping to raise awareness about responsible breeding practices and the significance of genetic health in dogs.

How to Evaluate the Puppy’s Temperament?

A Havanese’s temperament is a crucial factor in choosing the perfect puppy for your family. Havanese are known for their friendly and affectionate nature, so look for the following traits:


A Havanese puppy should be playful, curious, and eager to interact with you. Avoid puppies that appear excessively timid or fearful.


A well-socialized Havanese puppy will be comfortable around new people and animals. Ask the breeder about their socialization efforts.

Observe Sibling Interaction

Puppies that interact positively with their littermates tend to have better social skills. Watch how the puppies interact with each other.


Havanese Puppy Care Information

The breeder should provide you with detailed information on caring for your new puppy, including feeding, grooming, and training tips.

Health Guarantee

Ask about the breeder’s health guarantee. Reputable breeders often offer a limited health guarantee for genetic conditions.

Availability for Questions

A responsible breeder should be available to answer any questions or concerns you have about your Havanese puppy, even after you bring them home.

Be Prepared for the Long-Term Commitment

Bringing a Havanese puppy into your life is a long-term commitment that can span 12 to 15 years or more. Consider the following factors:

Time and Attention

Havanese dogs thrive on human companionship and need plenty of love and attention. Ensure that you can devote time to their social and exercise needs.

Grooming for Your Havanese

Havanese have a luxurious coat that requires regular grooming. Be prepared for daily brushing and occasional trips to a professional groomer.

Training and Exercise

Havanese are intelligent and trainable, but they also require mental and physical stimulation. Commit to providing consistent training and exercise.

Health Care for the Havanese

Regular veterinary care, vaccinations, and preventative measures are essential to keep your Havanese healthy.


Choosing the perfect Havanese puppy is a rewarding but complex process. It requires careful research, consideration, and patience to ensure that you find a healthy and well-adjusted puppy from a reputable breeder. By following the tips and considerations outlined in this guide, you can embark on your journey to welcoming a charming and affectionate Havanese companion into your life, confident that you’ve made an informed choice.

Remember that the journey doesn’t end when you bring your puppy home; it’s just the beginning of a long and loving relationship with your Havanese. With proper care, training, and attention, your Havanese will become a cherished member of your family, bringing joy and companionship for many years to come.